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FarmHouse Vineyards is an organic winery located in Northern Michigan. Owners John and Nancy moved from Northern California to Petoskey in 1995. They have always had a passion for healthy living and organic gardening. So they decided to plant some cold-variety grapes (Valiant) about 10 years ago on their property.

After a few years of harvesting and making small batches of wine, they decided to add another grape variety – the Marquette grape. Although the Valiant grapes were thriving and healthy, it limited the winemaking process to making “sweet” wines. The Marquette grape, also a cold-variety, lends to a bolder wine with hints of cherry and pepper.

FarmHouse Vineyards is a small family business – we rely on our family (including our twelve grandkids!), friends, and neighbors on Harvest Day. We use our own organic grapes to make two varieties of red wine – Marquette & Valiant. We are excited for the future and plan on planting more grapes (include grapes for white wine) in our growing vineyard.

Our tasting room opened in the Summer of 2020 – we are open on Friday & Saturday afternoons from July through October. Our boutique tasting room and rustic barn are the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon. And we have ample outdoor space for you to enjoy some peace and quiet. We hope to see you out here!

Owners of FarmHouse Vineyards in Petoskey, John and Nancy Plichta, with their 12 grandchildren

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  1. Good luck with your endeavor! I particularly enjoy the bleating of your ‘gardeners’ when I walk by your vineyard!

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