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FarmHouse Vineyards is an organic winery located in Northern Michigan. Owners John and Nancy moved from Northern California to Petoskey in 1995. They have always had a passion for healthy living and organic gardening. So they decided to plant some cold-variety grapes (Valiant) about 10 years ago on their property.

After a few years of harvesting and making small batches of wine, they decided to add another grape variety – the Marquette grape. Although the Valiant grapes were thriving and healthy, it limited the winemaking process to making “sweet” wines. The Marquette grape, also a cold-variety, lends to a bolder wine with hints of cherry and pepper.

FarmHouse Vineyards is a small family business – we rely on our family (including our twelve grandkids!), friends, and neighbors on Harvest Day. We use our own organic grapes to make two varieties of red wine – Marquette & Valiant. We are excited for the future and plan on planting more grapes (include grapes for white wine) in our growing vineyard.

Click here to view pictures from our 2018 Harvest Day – thank you to all of our helpers. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

Owners of FarmHouse Vineyards in Petoskey, John and Nancy Plichta, with their 12 grandchildren

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  1. Good luck with your endeavor! I particularly enjoy the bleating of your ‘gardeners’ when I walk by your vineyard!

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